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Why Are My Utility Bills So High?

ANSWER: Most customers don't realize that the heating and cooling system(s) in their homes consume 49% of the TOTAL UTILITY BILL. In other words, half of your power bill is the heating and cooling system(s) in your home. With Natural Gas and Propane prices on the rise again, it is the 12-15 year old equipment that will end up costing you more over the heating season and the 12-15 year old air conditioner that will cause your power bill to skyrocket in the cooling season. A more energy efficiant system will reduce those utility bills and gas bills while still giving you the best comfort in your home.

What’s Invisible Has No Smell, And Leaves Flue-Like Symptoms?

Carbon Monoxide is the #1 Killer in the United States.  Check out a few steps to reduce Carbon Monoxide exposure in your home. 

Why Do I Have a Musty Smell In My Home?

ANSWER: This happens to be one of the MOST ASKED questions to our technicians. The common issue associated with "Smells" in the home are due to,what we call, Indoor Air Quality issues. This can be DUST, PET ODOR, SMOKING, FOOD, ETC. This can be taken care of with the installation of a whole home filtration system in addition to an Ultra Violet Light system or commonly reffered to as a UV Light. With these 2 additions to your system(s), Clean Air will soon be transferred throughout your home with a clean, breathable environment.

Is It Important To Have Maintenance Service Done On My HVAC Equipment?

ANSWER: Yes because you want your investment in your Heating and Cooling system to pay off. By having Maintenance done to your system, you keep it running to FACTORY SPECIFICATIONS. This will AVOID COSTLY BREAKDOWNS and keep your system running as efficiently as it can.


Also you need to know that MANUFACTURERS REQUIRE that a MINIMUM OF 1 MAINTENANCE VISIT BE DONE AT LEAST ONCE A YEAR in order to keep the WARRANTIES OF THE EQUIPMENT VALID. Think of it from your vehicles stand point. If you don't have the oil changed and the brakes done then your vehicle not only can't stop but the engine will eventually fail and leave you stranded.

Important Information To Think About

1) Install a Carbon Monoxide Detector in your home. It can save your life

2) Consider a Vapor Barrier in your crawl space to prevent moisture damage and growth

3) Consider a Programmable Thermostat to help with Utility Bills

4) Close foundation vents in the winter months

5) Consider an Attic Tent to prevent Air Leakage into the attic

6) Utilize ceiling fans in your home for Air Circulation