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Special Offers

Would you like to have the peace of mind that your heating and air will be maintained and have regular seasonal tune ups? Would you like to pay for your Maintenance Plan by the month and Never Worry about if someone will come out ?  

Peace of Mind Program  -  as low as $25 a month

Air Knight Whole Home UV system 


Regular Price of $980.00 installed

Special pricing $850.00 installed ( That's a $130.00 savings)


These units are great for homes that have smokers, pets, and those odors that Air Freshners just can't get rid of.


These units also drastically cut down on airborn spores due to colds and allergies.


Please view the video posted under the products page under UV Light



Honeywell Digital Touchscreen Thermostat Series 8000


Regular Price of $625.00 installed and set-up

Special Pricing $500.00 installed and set-up (That's a $125.00 savings)


These thermostats are great for the homes and homeowners that have a busy schedule. These thermostats allow the homeowner to simply program and walk away. It also doubles as a night light because of the backlite screen. The thermostat also has features including filter change reminder, outdoor temperature ( with optional outdoor sensor), and auto changeover capabilities.


Visit WWW.HONEYWELL.COM to get the full listing and specifications on the thermostat.

Whole Home Filtration System


Regular Price of $550.00 standard installation

September Pricing $400.00 standard installation ( That's a $150.00 savings)


These units are great for homes with pet dander, abnormal amounts of dusting, and cleaner air for the entire family.


Please view the information under the products page under Whole Home Filtration