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R-22 Refrigerant Information

The EPA has finally given clarity on how manufacturers are to proceed in 2013 with R-22.  Initial speculation was that the EPA was going to reduce the number of pounds produced in the US by 17% totaling 45M lbs.  However, due to a lingering lawsuit that Arkema and Solvay recently won, the EPA has reduced all manufacturers with the production rights (excluding the 2 referenced) by 22% to balance out additional rights to Arkema and Solvay as a result of the ruling.  What this means is the US market will now have roughly 39.5M lbs of R-22 available in the market. 


Manufacturers have now placed a hold on all new R-22 orders to give time to digest how they are going to proceed with this ruling. 


Expect R-22 pricing to skyrocket over the next few months and into the summer.  Before adding large amounts of refrigerant you may want to investigate replacing your system to the newer R-410 A refrigeratant in order to reduce your refrigerant pricing over the years.  As we get closer to the deadline of the R-22 reduction the refrigerant will climb higher and higher.