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Frequently Asked Questions about Preventive Maintenance

Why should I have preventive maintenance performed on my system?

Heating and cooling systems work very hard .  When a system constantly stops and starts or is in continual operation it can wear down the machine very quickly.  The proper care and maintenance should not be delayed or ignored.  By performing bi-yearly maintenance on your system, you can maximize the life cycle of your heating and cooling unit and catch many unexpected failures or breakdowns before they happen.  Examples of these are leaks, rust, rot, soot, frayed wired and corroded electrical contacts.  Minor things in their original form but they can cause major damages to your system.


What equipment requires preventive maintenance?

All heat pumps, condensing units, furnaces and gas packs require maintenance.

 Inspections on furnaces systems should include ductwork, pipes, dampers, registers, blowers, gas meter, and every part of the actual furnace.

Heat pump and air conditioning unit inspections should also include inspections of the fan, compressor, indoor coils, and refrigerant lines.


Is it really necessary to have my heating/cooling serviced?

Your car requires regular oil changes to keep it operating efficiently and your heating/cooling equipment also requires preventive maintenance to keep it operating at its' highest possible efficiency.  Preventive maintenance also helps to reduce repair costs and many manufacturers warranties require it.


How often should I have preventive maintenance performed?

We recommend that it be done twice a year.  A spring / summer check and a fall / winter check.


Do you offer preventive maintenance agreements?

Yes!    The best part of this is you won't have to remember when your preventive maintenance is due.  We will call you to set up a time to come out and perform you inspections and service


What types of payment options are available?

We accept Cash, Check, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, & American Express.