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Do you need a service call?  Is there something you can check yourself?

We have ALL had that OH NO moment. It's when you go to your thermostat and turn the Heat or A/C on.............. wait for it to come on............. and then NOTHING. During that brief moment, panic sets in and your at a crossroad at what to do and " How much will this COST". I'm sure some of you reading this are laughing, as I am, because you know exactly what We are talking about.


The solution is very SIMPLE. Make America First Heating and Cooling your "One Stop Shop" for repairs and maintenance at an AFFORDABLE PRICE and know with confidence that your system(s) are running at peak performance. When the time comes, and you know it will, that your system(s) need to be replaced, let the professional team of America First Heating and Cooling take the worry and headache out of the process so that you can concentrate on getting the system(s) that you want at the best price.



  Simple Troubleshooting Solutions to try before you make the call for service.


Have you checked your thermostat?  Make sure that it is on the “ON” position ( not fan or heat)

Is the thermostat Blank? Check the batteries, they may be dead.

Is the unit coming on? Sometimes you will find the breaker tripped for your unit. If this happens often call us immediately as there is a bigger issue.

Have you checked your filter lately?   A clogged filter can cause a number of issues and will cause your unit not to work .once a year. Give us a call and we will bring them on your maintenance.

Is the fan running?  Do you hear any noises coming from your system?  It is hard to diagnose a noise; however we would be happy to send out one of our friendly professional service technicians.

Do you have a smell?  The smell of burning (electrical) Gas (rotten egg) Moldy/ Musty (Air Quality)

Have you checked the return air grills?  Make sure they are not blocked and are open and blowing air.

Are you having a problem with your furnace?  Is the switch at the furnace is in the "ON" position?

If these simple troubleshooting solutions did not help you then you are indeed in need of a service call. Please call 704-821-1212 and we will get you on the schedule right away.